Disc Golf Essentials

I’ve now been casually playing disc golf now for about four years. At each of the courses I’ve played at, I’ve seen people bring all sorts of equipment including drink coolers, disc bags and gps devices. Because there are so many choices and things people tell you to bring, I wanted to share my essential bring-alongs.

First, I want to tell you, it’s ok if you only have a couple discs. My only word of caution is that if you are still working on your form, you may want to keep a backup disc or two in the car, just in case you lose one for good. So far, I’ve thrown about three discs out of bounds, one of which was lost for good.

Speaking of discs, many group players that I see have a bag full of discs and apparently know how to use each of them. As a beginner playing shorter holes, I really only find myself using two discs: a driver and a putter. My discs of choice are an Innova Boss distance driver and an Innova Aviar putt and approach. After working on my form, I find that I can drive myself to within about 20′ of the basket, which tends to be close enough to use the putter.

I also can’t stress enough just how important it is to stay comfortable. For some people it means bringing a towel to wipe sweat. I haven’t had this issue yet, but having a dry mouth can be extremely distracting for me. I like to make sure I have a full bottle of icy water each time I hit the course. For you, it might mean wearing a hat or having a little motorized fan and a spray bottle. Just remember, stay comfortable and have fun.

Lastly, you’ll need something to carry everything around in. You can buy a name brand disc bag for anywhere from $15-$250, but I re-purposed a North Face messenger bag that I used for school. I see other players using old backpacks and one guy was using a roller cooler to keep his drinks cool and kept a bag bungie corded to the handle to carry his discs.

One of the best parts of playing disc golf is the lack of judgement between players. We are all just playing to have fun. Make sure that most of all you bring a good attitude and don’t discourage others around you. Clean up after yourself and throw away your trash in proper places. Get excited but be aware of people nearby. Don’t walk through other peoples play. Overall, just be a courteous person and a good example for others.

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